Optim® QC structural steels

The Optim® QC family of ultra-high-strength structural steels offers high strength and good workshop properties.

Combined with excellent surface quality, accurate dimensions and consistent properties, the Optim QC range means lighter structures, higher payloads and lower energy consumption. The Optim QC family ensures environmentally sound construction and sustainable development.

Optim 900 QC meets the requirements of S900MC EN 10149-2:2013 and Optim 960 QC meets the requirements of S960MC EN 10149-2. Optim 1100 QC has no equivalence within standard steels. 

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  • Chassis and superstructures for commercial vehicles
  • Booms for forest machinery
  • Crane arms and other lifting equipment
  • Load handling, support and fastening equipment
  • Feeding and unloading hoppers
  • Hook-lift containers

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